Steadyrack revolutionises bike parking and storage

Steadyrack’s innovative patented design has revolutionised bike storage. Our racks save more space whilst allowing users to easily load and unload their bikes, addressing the two most challenging issues when sourcing a suitable bike rack. In addition our unique design cradles and protects bikes from damage and from damaging other bikes, cars or anyone in the vicinity without sacrificing functionality. Our customers love them and we think they look great too.


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Bike Parking Guides

These guides have been created to assist in the space planning for commercial environments where the facility owners are not certain of the exact type and size of bikes to be parked. The information provided is based on our past experience and we are assuming that longer bikes will be utilised which means some shorter bikes will be higher off the ground than necessary. This will not impact greatly on the user experience and allows for a uniform mounting height despite the variety of different size bikes typically found in these facilities.

Classic Steadyrack

Steadyrack Classic Fact Sheet

Fender Rack sTeadyrack

Steadyrack Fender Rack Fact Sheet

Steadyrack Fat Rack

Steadyrack Fat Rack Fact Sheet

Spacing Guides 600m

Spacing Guides and Mounting Heights

Steadyrack Bike Parking Guide

Bike Parking Brochure

Bike Parking Dealers

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