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Steadyrack Bike Racks are the only vertical bike rack that does not require any heavy lifting. Unlike hooks, Steadyracks do not damage your bike rims, can be used without having to juggle your bike into a specific position, and can be installed as close as 35cm together. Steadyrack Bike Parking is preferred by leading architects around the world and leading bike brands.

The revolutionary vertical bike rack

A Steadyrack bike rack is the perfect storage solution for home garages, sheds, workplaces, apartments, and offices. In fact, Steadyracks suit almost any situation or location. If you are looking for bike storage, Steadyracks are the only vertical bike parking solution that does not involve any heavy lifting. Steadyracks also don’t damage your rims, can be folded nearly flat against a wall, and can be installed virtually anywhere unlike bike hooks.

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Get your space back

Steadyrack Bike Parking is a great solution when you want to store many bikes in a small area. Our racks save more space whilst allowing users to easily load and unload their bikes, addressing the two most challenging issues when sourcing a suitable bike rack.

Steadyrack is preferred by leading bike brands all over the world for their own bike storage and bike displays. Steadyrack is also specified by leading architects around the world for end of trip facilities. 

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