The Steadyrack Story


Steadyrack was born from a comment David Steadman made to his father in law Ron at a family event “there has to be a way to get bikes hanging on a wall without the user having to try to juggle them onto some kind of hook” Ron considered the problem and within 2 weeks produced a very crude version of the Steadyrack Classic rack.

5 years, countless hours and numerous prototypes later the Steadyrack was perfected. Steadyrack’s unique patented design utilises the mechanical advantage of the wheel turning combined with the innovative pivoting feature to create a rack which utilises the least amount of space of any other rack and is the easiest to use.
Steadyrack has revolutionised the bike storage market.

It is the easiest to use and most space efficient of all bike storage products. It is universally acclaimed by thousands of satisfied customers around the world as the best way to park your bike.